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About us

Consciousness is spirit of life and spirituality helps in acquiring that consciousness. In an unprecedented pursuit of materialism, we as human lost touch with our consciousness. The good news is that we can still change the course of life. Highest form of consciousness can be experienced on the path of spirituality. We acts as a catalyst on that path. shrikrishnastore.com is the leading religious and spiritual product suppliers and manufacturers in India.

Shrikrishnastore.com is dedicated and devoted to aim of lord Krishna. We are an online shopping platform selling and promoting merchandise related to ISKCON philosophy and teaching. We focus specially on B2B partners who are dedicated to the idea of ISCON but not have the knowledge and know how about the related products. Our range of products include Krishna clothing, idols, audio, video, mala beads etc. There is also a large amount of literature to target the bibliophile market. We are one of the leading religious and spiritual product wholesaler in India. Our expertise lies in serving B2B customers irrespective of location and distance.


We are an enlighten group of ISKCON devotee (followers of Srila Prabhupada) destined to carry ISKCON message to each corner of the world. Some of the exemplary work we wish to distribute(online & offline) are Srila Prabhupada original 1972 Gita, transcendental books, books on spirituality, yoga, meditation, reincarnation, Mahabharata, Ramayana and many more.

Products Offering

We understand that on path of selfless service, you need many hands and many souls. As such we are constantly looking for self-motivated B2B partners who can help us in achieving our goals. Our product offering is unique, diverse and soul stirring. Some of the prominent products are: flute, poshak, tilak, bangles, bindi, payal, hand woven and hand embroidered clothes, idols (different materials), statues etc. You can also avail our assistance for identifying the trend and researching a target area.

Online as well as Offline support

B2B customers can utilize our service in online as well as offline mode. For nearby customers, you can always visit us and check our production facilities. B2B customers operating at a large distance can capitalize our online services, you just need to place the order and we will pack and deliver the product within no time. So, if you are looking for religious, spiritual & devotional products, merchandise, Shri Krishna storeis the place. Hare Krishna!


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